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Are you a senior leader required to speak in public? Do you often feel there’s not enough time to prepare?  Perhaps you’re worried your style may be a bit boring and you wish you had the confidence to take it up a notch.


What if we could help you tackle the fear of speaking and reduce the time it takes to prepare?


At the Executive Women’s Speaker Intensive you will be one of a small group working together in a beautiful rural environment.  You will arrive Monday morning early and lock down for 3 days and 2 nights of immersion with a bunch of smart, successful women who share the same fears, desires and challenges.


Make no mistake, this is not a how to walk/how to talk program. This is about working with an experienced speaker coach to tap into your authentic leadership qualities and land your message with impact.

No hand holding and kumbaya but a fierce level of support for those who want to be the best they can be.


This is an intense high level 3 days where we’ll be filming and critiqueing with a balance of new learning and practice in a very private environment.


We’ll be dissecting a bunch of subjects you can apply to your presenting including measuring and managing the energy in a room, using contrast for compelling talks, getting crystal clear on your message and creating soundbites that resonate, aggressively distilling content, crafting compelling, memorable stories, getting the best from your authentic self, creating balance and calm through mindfulness and so much more.


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Throughout the retreat you will be in very good hands - guided by

professional speaker Lynne Schinella.

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