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When creating my blogs and various presentations, I struggled to find any images of female leaders of a mature age. There were truck loads of images of males and of perfectly formed female millennials in their designer suits (I'm not jealous (said she, the over 50!!) - we all have our time in the sun)!


So gave impetus to create this #ShePic Gallery - a repository for images of those magnificent females - the over 40s, over 50's, over 60's, over 70s, over 80s and beyond. Women who continue to inspire, lead and effect positive change in the world. Images freely given for others to use in presentations, blogs, articles and graphic designs.


We invite images of females and/or of their achievements in all it's guises - be that at the head of a boardroom table, atop a podium or navigating the shopping trolley while holding a baby on each hip!  

Come on. You Got This!!


The #ShePic images must be high res, quality shots for re-use in web and print. 

Please read here for our guidelines, terms and conditions and privacy policy before submitting your image.