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October 31, 2017

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Hear Me Roar!!!

June 19, 2016


You're a perfectly competent, capable professional. You know your stuff, you don't question your ability. So why is that when you get up on stage to deliver a speech it feels like another person up there? You freeze up, you voice changes and the real you slides and hides behind the lectern.


Understand this. You're comfortable in the cave. You know everyone, they know you. There's no threat. Everyone has their roles and you all work together as a team to achieve the desired goals.


But when you leave the cave you find yourself out in the savannah, a wide open space where there's nowhere to hide. Hundreds of eyes are staring at you meaning only one thing. You are breakfast.


Not wanting to be toast, we make ourselves smaller and nondescript to to avoid being noticed. Our gestures may be smaller. Our voices become smaller. And sometimes a naturally colourful voice becomes quite monotone because adding interest and variety to our voices would mean we were drawing attention to ourselves.


You see there's a reason for all of it, this is just an instinctive response to survival.


Except we're not on the bloody savannah people. This is 2016 and you need not fear the predators! Because YOU know your content. YOU know more on this topic than anyone else in the room. YOU have spent time practising. And what you have to share can change the way your audience thinks/acts/believes.




Disband the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee in your head and know there is no reason to seem less competent, less capable when you are on stage. It's the opposite. Hear me roar. 



Lynne Schinella is running a 2 day course on public speaking in Sydney 2 & 3 August. www.speakandbeheard.com.au

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