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The Seven Deadly Sins of Presenting

October 31, 2017

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3 Ways to Unbore Your Complicated Talk

March 17, 2016


Yes, I know unbore is not a word.


If you're an engineer, project manager, scientist, lawyer, academic, economist, stockbroker, insurance underwriter, accountant, meteorologist, actuary or statistician you may dread public speaking, and seriously, the audience may dread you speaking in public.


Anyone who has to present a lot of complicated information faces the additional challenge of keeping audience interest. I was talking to a client last week who had been asked to speak for 90 minutes on concrete. My first tip - don't let anyone bully you into 90 minutes on ANYTHING.  But up to 45 minutes, go for it. With this in mind.


Edit and Distil  
When you're knowledgeable about something, and you're passionate as well, you can talk on it forever. Take out the detail and have it available online later. Present the main points you want your audience to remember, not everything you know. For every piece of information ask,
is this relevant to my key message? Or is it information overload?


No group hugs or break dancing but any movement reawakens the mind and helps your audience reconnect. My brave concrete man decided to hold a quiz on what he'd been saying so far, simply dividing the large audience in two, and awarded the winning team with Scotch Finger biscuits, which were then used later to demonstrate the cracking of concrete. Cool, huh?


Tell a Story
Even if it's all about the data, make your presentation flow like a story.

- Set it up - give it context, introduce the characters : the bad guys Trans Fats & Saturated Fats and the hero, Omega 3.

- Problem introduced - bad guys winning, what can we do?

- Problem overcome - Omega and his mates Poly & Mono come to the rescue

- Moral of the story - your key message


NO MORE BORING PRESENTATIONS!  They simply don't need to exist. 



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Three opportunities coming up to improve your speaking:

The Confident Speaker on Wed 6 April is a short sharp 90 minute seminar with all proceeds going to microfinance charity Good Return.


Speak & Be Heard, 3 & 4 May, is a seriously fun 2 day program packed with practical relevant stuff to have you presenting with impact. They're both in Sydney, but if you'd like to talk to me about getting a program together in your city, contact me here.


The Executive Women's Speaker Intensive in the Hunter Valley 29 May - 1 June is for senior leaders who want to nail it and go from good to great.



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